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"Your search team has provided tremendous support to fill both full time and contract positions, sometimes on very short notice, with a variety of well-screened candidates.... The quality of service your organization has provided has made the difference in allowing us to grow our own business and support additional customers and projects."

Lane Sennett
Systems Implementation Manager

"We started with over 20 positions to fill in 2 months in a very tight job market. PCN provided us with a number of excellent candidates from which we filled over half of these positions. This allowed us to meet our hiring goals, and exceeded our expectations. The efficiency and competence of your associates allowed my managers to concentrate on their daily work without getting bogged down in recruitment and screening."

Mary McCormick
VP of Product Development

"We have used many recruitment firms in the past, and even have our own in-house recruiters. You have consistently sent us qualified pre-screened candidates faster than any other source...... when I compare these figures, it is clear we made the right decision by coming to you for our recruiting needs......"

John M. Robins
Director of Global Support Systems

"As a hiring manager at both medium and small sized firms, I tend to use a few different recruiters to fill a position. PCN has been the one and only constant in my hiring strategy since 1997. During the hiring process, their effective screening greatly reduced my time to hire, and every single one of their candidates, which we have hired, have been outstanding employees."

Kincy Clark
Director of Operations

"I am writing to thank you for the outstanding service you provided Foster Farms during the critical search for Director of Enterprise Business Solutions. We called on you because of your successful history in placing senior level IT staff, including our previous CIO. While you could have easily just taken the search and worked on it, we were very impressed that PCN took the time to come all the way to Livingston to visit us and to learn more about what our real needs were...

Your professionalism in the service you provide as well as your commitment to us as a client partner is something we value and we look forward to continuing our relationship with PCN"

Debbie Carranza
Corporate Human Resources Manager

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